Mitre Flats from Holdsworth 09 - 11 July 2010

Tramp with Adrian, maybe Mid King biv this time?

  • Friday - Drive to Holdsworth and walk to Aitiwhakatu or Jumbo, depending on weather.
  • Saturday - Over the tops or up some creek to Mid King biv.
  • Sunday - Walk out to Holdsworth and drive back to Wellington.
The Single Malt Whisky
MACLEOD's 8yo Islay

Friday 09/07/2010
We started from the Holdsworth car park at five p.m. heading for Aitiwhakatu hut one and a half hours away. Nice walk in and arrived at a warm the hut, as two there had a fire going. Tasted that whisky.

Saturday 10/07/2010
Left Aitiwhakatu hut and headed off up Baldy hoping for Mid King biv.
On the way up Baldy.
West view into the cold grey.
The East view of sunshine. Cold and icy here in my wet running shoes; wished I had my ice axe as quite slippery. ABORT for Mid King Biv once again.
Back to the junction and time for lunch. Hassled Adrian for the large rigid plastic box; a typical tramper item. When will they learn that excess weight and volume eaters equal large packs!
1252 Leaving Baldy junction for Mitre Flats hut.
1515 At Mitre Flats hut.

Sunday 11/07/2010

We split up on Sunday each taking a route out to different road ends.
0827 Left Mitre Flats hut
1014 Junction to Baldy.
1058 Aitiwhakatu hut.
1206 Holdsworth car park.

Meet up at the pines and had a nice drive home with a stop for food in Carterton at some cafe where the coffee was good.

Map of area

and the fish's legs didn't grow.

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