Speargrass Hut for Friday Night

Daughter Tariga and I drove to Robert Ridge Car park in the Nelson Lakes National Park for a walk into Speargrass hut to have our evening meal, expecting that the last half hour would be in darkness. This walk is a pleasant 2.5 hour walk each way including sight seeing and a rest stop or two. Speargrass hut (rebuilt in 2006) is in a location with light and views as expected from 1000 meters.

Friday 04/03/2011
We left Nelson after five o'clock and drove to Robert Ridge car park above Lake Rotoiti. Left the car at 1838 and off up the Speargrass valley to the hut of the same name for the night.
Cross that creek
Walked the last half hour in the dark.
Tariga in the darl\k
The track seems different from the last time I was here and or the map I'm using is old as we crossed a bridge and I expected another kilometer, not so. Took us approximately two and a half hours.
Wooden DOC ware
Saturday 05/03/2011
Woke up to a few periods of heavy rain.
Early morning rain and cloud
No need for an early start so we stayed in bed until we finished our books.
Speargrass hut library
Good view up Robert Ridge.
Robert Ridge
Sun in the eyes.
Tariga before we go
Left the hut at 1139 as the day was getting better, such a blue sky. This is an easy access hut and has good day walks from it, and its a great day trip to Angelus and back. In the October April time its necessary to book Angelus hut, staying at Speargrass for two nights saves that hassle.
Speargrass Hut
What a clean hut none of that jesus rubbish there at all. There was an empty plastic coke botttle with a note to some Israelis.
Israelis coke bottle
Map of the Walk
Walk Time
1838 Left car
2106 Speargrass hut
Total Time = 2h28m
1139 Left the hut.
1400 At the car.
Total Time = 2h21m

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