Te Matawai Hut Night Walk 13-15/05/2011

A solo night walk to check on the opussums, snails, wetas, and earthworms.

Friday 13/05/2011
Left Wellington late and after stopping for a coffee at Mum and Dads on the way there was not many minutes of Friday night in the walk, just enough for the first kilometer across the farm.

Saturday 14/05/2011
0000 Was still walking Saturday morning and just got got into the trees and it was not raining. Saw four opussums and that was it; maybe they do not like the rain? There was one snail.

This was a fine day for walking with time being very strange; almost elastic as some minutes went by as days and some hours went by as seconds. The forest glowed and the trees grinned with each lightening strike.

Arrived at Te Matawai at 0453 wet right through.
Woke a bit too early so got the fire going to dry out my gear and went back to sleep.

Sunday 15/05/2011
Rain came through quite steady from 0330 until 1300. Headed off back to Poads road via Gable track and only got rained on once.

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