Te Matawai 17-19/06/2011

Three of us headed off to Te Matawai aiming for a Dundas loop depending on weather.

Friday 17/06/2011
Left Wellington about 1700 hours after a bit of food guzzling, need to get half days really.

Saturday 18/06/2011
A lazy morning due to the late night. Decided to go for a walk to Arete Biv depending on the weather. As time goes on we find more use for the DOC-WARE scattered around the hills, they are good for drying cloths on and as Adrian has found - leaning on.
A good Saturday night as we had all our planes lined up with the appropriate fuel. And hey we only where drinking that terrible NZ beer there because they are slim cans and pack well.

Sunday 19/06/2011
Had a good clean up of the hut and stacked up firewood for the next people. Good supply around the hut of wind blown stuff and the wood shed has a supply of split wood.

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