Hopeless Hut

A first trip to Hopeless hut for Tariga. As this is one of the huts often discussed at home with friends when we speak of great places to go in Nelson Lakes, and it being of historic importance with Sir Edmund Hillary opening it in 1967.

Drove off to Lake Rotoiti to meet up with water taxi for a quick trip to Coldwater hut. And then off to Hopeless hut.
And a bit further on the seat in the park, been there for a few months now.
Had to use torches for the last half of the Hopeless track. Nice to get there and as it was a clear crisp evening we cranked the fire up.

We did not bother to get out of bed until lunchtime when another person arrived. Later we did wish he had never been told by his son about this hut; his snoring all night was like sleeping with a chainsaw.

We went for a day walk up the route to climb Hopeless, at the start there is this big stone.
Once above the bluffs it is a nice place to sit and watch the world and enjoy the sunshine.
Then it was back to the hut for a night of raucous noise and no sleep. Had to get out of bed and have several slugs of whisky so that I could pass beyond the reach of the chainsaw.

We did not need to get out of bed early and had a relaxed walk out to Coldwater for a return boat ride to Kerr Bay.
On the way down Hopeless creek we stopped at where the water comes from, the Hopeless spring.
And on the rest of the way out there where several interesting fungi.
And a last good view looking back at Travers.
And back in Nelson by 6:00pm.

Map of Walk

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Had Ardbeg 10yo as the trips whisky.

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