Orongoronga Valley Day Walk

Sunday 09/12/2012

Drove to the Catchpool stream road end over Wainuiamata and parked at the car park at one thirty'ish and realised I left it a bit late in the day to do my original intention of Mt Matthews. Decided to explore Matthews Stream access to North Saddle.
 Went for 45 minutes up the Matthews stream into the headwaters, an interesting eroded place. On the way back did the Browns Track as I needed some exercise, the up is a track.
However the track down the other side is a bit overgrown. Got to the car before seven as intended as they had a sign stating gate locked at eight.


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Trip Times
1320 Left the car park
1342 Midway Bridge
1407 Turere Bridge
1500 Heading up Matthews Stream toward North Saddle
1724 Start of Browns Track
1845 Car park

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