Mt Matthews Orongoronga's

Paul and I head off for a day walk to Mt Matthews. If you are a fit person then the walk times are approx half what is on the signs.

Saturday 28/07/2013
Got Paul and we drove to the Catchpool car park and headed off for a day walk to Mt Matthews. That Turere Stream bridge, is a structure with similarities to the last Kime Hut. Hope it gets washed away soon and is replaced with something more practical. There are good views from above South Saddle.
Lake Onoke, Ocean Beach, Palliser Bay
And Jokington the city way in the distance where you can find a cask strength whisky from a single barrel, butt, tun, hogshead or whatever made from European oak and filled with Olorosso sherry in Herez for decades, then filed at a distillery on an island; the Northen most one on Orkney, or from Jura, Isle of Skye or even most desirable from Islay, and aged for at least twelve years and preferably no more than twenty five years.
And on the way out there was a bit of a problem as I like to travel fast I soon left Paul behind. Stopping at the bottom where the track joins Matthews stream. OK somebody lost the track and headed out leaving me waiting for them... was he malicious or just plain lost? He lost the track in just the right place to miss me. So I waited an hour and eventually walked back up the track. Meet two others who where heading up as we where heading down, so I knew he was either very lost or at the car. So I headed off to the car park hoping he was at the car.

The map for Mt Matthews

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Travel Time
0845 Left the end car park
0936 Turere Stream
1017 Heading up Matthews stream, stopped here for a snack
1041 At DOC sign
1122 South Saddle junction
1228 Mt Matthews, stopped and waited for Paul
1300ish Off down 
1323 South Saddle junction
1350 Matthews stream - waitinf for Paul
1500 Heading back to car
1513 Orongorongo River
1537 Turere Stream
1642 Car park

Saddle to Mt Matthews

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