Te Matawai

This trip was planed to be a Poads Road to Nichols Hut return for the weekend. We planned on getting to TeMatawai hut early hours of Saturday morning, having a few hours sleep and then later in the day heading for Nichols for Saturday night. Full return on Sunday. We failed our aim and had a crazy fun trip.

Whisky was Lagavulin 16 yo. And no wee books to clean up after.

Friday 13/09/2013
We meet at Poads Road and headed off to walk to Te Matawai hut via South Ohau hut up the river. We got into the river but immediately realised it was too swift and deep so we aborted and headed off up Gables to Te Matawai. Sometime around 0330 Jessie lost the track and even though I could hear him whistling we did not meet up.

Saturday 14/09/2013
Eventually I headed to Te Matawai hut getting there some time after five and crashing out. It was a still dry evening and Jessie was will equipped so I expected we would get together tomorrow. A few hours later when it got light he arrived at the hut. Phew! Lots of sleeping and no plans to head to Nichols later.
Looking South towards Butchers Knob
Late afternoon we headed off to South Ohau. An enjoyable evening with that Islay whisky.

Sunday 15/09/2013
We had lunch and gave the hut a good clean and stacked firewood before we headed off down the South Ohau to Paods Road. Was much easier with less water, still a bit cold.
Jessie at South Ohau hut
Looking back at South Ohau hut
More Jessie
North Ohau and South Ohau
Fly Camp
Inside the tent.
Trip Times
2153 Left Poads Road
2306 In the river
2317 Off up Gables
0130 Passed Escape Route
0209 Gables Te Matawai junction 
0348 Te MAtawai South Ohau junction
0530'ish Te MAtawai
1548 Left Te Matawai hut
1614 Turn off to South Ohau hut
1722 South Ohau hut 
1301 Left South Ohau hut
1505 South Ohau and North Ohau junction
1547 Fly camp
1613 Out of the river on track
1721 Poads Road carp park

Map of Walk

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