North South Ohau Hut Loop

The North Ohau hut to South Ohau hut loop, with no whisky.

Saturday 05/04/2014
Jessie and I left late on a Saturday after we done work, and headed to North Ohau for the night. Just before we got into the river we could hear a deer roaring, noisy beasts, somebody should have shot it. Fully expected the little four bunker to be full and us sleeping out, but no it was empty.
Candle light at North Ohau
Sunday 06/04/2014
Our Sunday was a a day of off track for most walking and we did some interesting stuff.  Headed up the track behind the toilet, which I call the Toilet track, has a view spot at 760m. We could hear three different deer on the way up. Played compass along the ridge, we did stop for a snack and water at Deception spur, did head on down there a year or so ago with Carl.
Jessie at North Ohau
First deer wallow of four
The view spot on the way up Toilet track
Deception Spur turnoff is pretty nice as there is cut and marked track in that area and the jar lids let you know that your somewhere.
Deception Spur turnoff
From here we kept heading Grid South to Girdlestone saddle and got onto the marked track into the creek that leads to Dowling Falls.
Jessie dropping into the creek
Looking down the creek
Down the creek we wandered picking up biddy bids and them hook things and bumping into a bit of stinging nettle. Then up out following the OT's to lid junction.
Lid Junction
Can see another trip coming on here as I have never headed up here, but can see this ridge would join the track to Te Matawai. Then its back into the creek, this being South Oahu, for about a kilometer down to the hut. We stopped for an hour or so for food tea.
South Ohau hut
Then on down the river and we got to the track just on dark and had a quick wander back to the cars, hearing the roaring deer in the same spot as Saturday night.
Cars at Poads Road
Back to the city for another week of IT.

Map of the bit from North to South Ohau hut
The pink bit is the route from North Ohau to South Ohau hut. The bit from North Ohau to the top of the ridge, just South of 897 is well marked. The rest is follow your nose and use your compass. Also from Girdlestone Saddle it is well marked including OT's.
Elevation Profile
Trip Times
Saturday 05/04/2014
1822 Left Poads Road
1929 Into the river
2018 At North South Ohau junction
2133 North Ohau hut
Total Walk time: 3h11m
Sunday 06/04/2014
1008 Left North Ohau hut, heading up Toilet track
1233 Deception Spur turnoff
1351 Girdlestone Saddle
1402 Into the creek
1435 Out of the creek
1439 Tin lid junction
1454 Into South Ohau
1528 South Ohau hut
1634 Left South Ohau hut
1748 North South Ohau junction
1830 Out of the Ohau
1931 The cars at Poads Road 
Total Walk time: 8h13m

None! What is going on have Seek Freedom dropped the ball? Or is this defeat and the Tararua's are mine.

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