Tutuwai Hut

Another late night stormy wander after work on a Friday. Picked up Martin on the way and it was an easy drive to the car park before Kiwi Ranch, We wandered off and we got there after midnight and not wet. Hmmm the forecast weather was a bit late.

Lots of deer about in our travels including two face to face meetings, on the flats before Tutuwai hut. Bed time was sometime before 0400 Saturday morning.

A lazy day and minor walk in the afternoon, checking on the river level. Quite full at the moment.
Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau River
Upstream from the hut
Excellent weather and a nice walk out in full on sunshine. The water flow almost back to normal after yesterdays rain.
View from the hut flats
Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau River


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Trip Times
Friday 21/11/2014
2027 Left car park
2041 Onto the track
2055 Alpha Junction
2256 Bridge
0046 Tutuwai Hut
Sunday 23/11/2014
0706 Left Tutuwai hut
0919 Swing Bridge
1010 Smiths CreekShelter
1201 Alpha Junction
1213 Turn off to YMCA
1229 Car

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