Kaitoke Maungahuka Circuit

The weather forecast didn't look too bad so I decided on a tops walk and wanted to go over the Tararua Peaks and didn't want to drive to far. Kaitoke and some circuit. Whisky for this trip was a Bowmore travel retail edition called Black Rock from Centre City Wines & Spirits.

Friday 26/12/2014
Left Kaitoke just before twelve heading up Marchant Ridge with an aim to go as far as possible, which ended up being Kime hut.
Views NE from Alpha
Views NE from Alpha
Very windy over the Beehives and on Hector. Stopped on Hector to watch the sun sink into the sea of clouds.
Neill Ridge
Sunset as leaving Hector
Stopped at Kime Hut for the night, had a quiet snack and beer as all resident were in bed.
Kime Hut
Saturday 27/12/2014
Left Kime early'ish and headed off to Maungahuka with not great views, mild breeze and quite warm.

Headwaters of Hector River
Tararua Range
Tararua Range
Stopped at Maungahuka for lunch and a few coffees, did cool down sitting in the hut.
Maungahuka Hut
A few minutes down from Maungahuka and I was out of that low hanging cloud and into the heat.
Heading to Concertina Knob
Cone and the swampy stuff, always enjoy the color here.
Cone swamp thing
Cone swamp thing
Cone Saddle
Cone Hut
Got to Cone Hut at eight thirty and was thinking of staying the night. Still another hour of day light so pushed on to Tutuwai getting there before dark.

Sunday 28/12/2014
A hot day and low river made me decide to travel from Tutuwai hut to Smiths Creek in the Tauherenikau. Not too many river crossings and no wet undies.
Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau River

Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau River
Trip Times

1151 Left Kaitoke Kiwi Ranch car park
1724 Alpha Hut
1823 Left Alpha Hut
2119 Kime Hut
0814 Left Kime Hut heading to Maungahuka
1119 Maungahuka Hut
1240 Left Maungahuka
1441 Neill Forks Hut
1635 Left Neill Forks Hut
1756 Cone Ridge
1911 Cone Junction
2007 Cone Saddle
2036 Cone Hut
2123 Tutuwai Hut
1016 Left Tutuwai Hut for a slow wander out in the river. 
1516 Kaitoke Kiwi Ranch car park


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Elevation Profile
Kaitoke to Kime Hut up Marchant Ridge
Kime Hut to Maungahuka to Neill Forks, Cone Ridge, Tutuwai
Tutuwai Hut to Kaitoke via Tauherenikau River
This trip added one density removal from Maungahuka Hut.

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