North Ohau with Josh

A trip into North Ohau for the night with nephew Josh, from my big sis's litter.
Josh ready to walk
Saturday 19/03/2016
Started from Wellington and then on to some place where Josh comes from, then to Otaki to see my Mum and Dad, then off to Poads Road to park up. Nice walk into North Ohau, great weather river low and lots of fishing spiders out.
Looking into the Ohau from the track
Josh river crossing
North South fork
North Ohau
Dolomedes aquaticus - fishing spider
Josh and the mossy rock cruise
The bigger rocks section
Josh on the flat bit before the hut

No one at the hut, we dried out ate food and relaxed.

North Ohau Hut
Endemic NZ Red Admiral - kahukura
Sunday 20/03/2016
Another day of good weather for the wander out.
Josh in front of the North Ohau hut
Some sort of blue berry
North Ohau
Dolomedes aquaticus
Josh on the sock and boot rock
Still clear pools, hope to visit in 20 years and see the same
End forest farm walk soon
Just left us with the car journey back to Wellington.
Map of Trip
North Ohau Hut track and route, cut from BN33 v1.02
Trip Times
1252 Left the car at Poads Road and headed off
1358 Into the river
1610 North Ohau Hut
1022 Left North Ohau Hut
1129 North South Ohau fork
1316 At the Poads Road road en

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