Takaka Hill Daywalk

Anthony and I doing a bit of hut bagging for the day. Not many, just two, one real easy one at the top of the Takaka Hill, the NSG hut.
After NSG we headed off down the Canaan Road to the car park at the end and entered Able Tasman National Park.
As the sign says...
We headed off to the Wainui Hut for a quick bag and a check out of the track itself, aim is to come back and do the high level Able Tasman track.
Where we going
Good weather for fungi and many where out.
Fungi groups
The walk to the hut is nice and easy first through grass land then trees.
Wainui Hut Side
Wainui Hut entrance
Wainui Hut inside
Map of Wainui Hut Trip 

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Trip Times
Thursday 05/05/2016
1109 Left the Canaan car park
1136 Junction
1212 Wainui Hut
1222 Left the hut
1300 Junction
1325 Back at the car

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