Zekes Hut Hihitahi

Hihitahi Forest Sanctuary has one of the two huts that begins with Z; those are Zoo and Zekes. The Zekes Hut is easy access from Wellington and is in an interesting forest.

The forest has two interesting tree species that are and or still are part of a study due to the die off of the trees. These are Seems to have opossum's as one of the main causes of this? Have not yet been able to find recent data on the issues.

Friday 02/09/2016
We (Paul and I) drove away from Wellington at 2000 hours on Friday heading to somewhere just South of Waiouru to park up and head into the Hihitahi Forest. The car park is right on the side of the main highway, in full view of all passing cars. I did hope my car would still be there on Saturday afternoon when we would be coming out. Lucky I didn't see all the broken glass where we parked on Friday night.

The walk to the hut on the Friday night was dark and misty and finished early Saturday morning with hut arrival after 0130 hours. Got the fire going and had a cup of tea and read for an hour or so, Paul was straight into his sleep bag and out. We did not see a single opossum on our walk in. The only observed sign was opossum shit in the wood pile at the hut.
Hihitahi swing bridge
Saturday 03/09/2016
The walk out was very enjoyable as we could examine the forest in the day light
Zekes Hut and its sign
Zekes Hut
Zekes Hut in the middle
The Ceder trees
Survey area

That other guy
The hanging tree full of crows
Close up, no hanging, no crows
Farm land approaching

Edge of the sanctury
Looking back
Looking back at the swing bridge
The car on the side of the road - undamaged!
Trip Times
Friday 02/09/2016
2310 Left car parked on the side of the road
2315 Over the style
2324 Crossed Hihitahi swing
0056 Hihitahi survey mark
0134 Zekes Hut 
Saturday 03/09/2016
1146 Left Zekes Hut 
1235 Hihitahi Survey mark
1340 Fence line
1346 Swing bridge
1352 Over the style
1353 At the car

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