There are Thought Police on Matiu Somes Island

Those of you who know me are aware that I am a very spiritual man, involved deeply with the water of life (uisge-beatha). One of you even gifted me the nick name of Jebus. I have a deep love for this land especially the wild places.
a hut in a mild wild place
Today as part of my spiritual travels and to grow my bagged hut total I traveled to Matiu Somes Island by East By West ferry.
East by West Ferry
All went to plan I arrived, I bagged Forest and Bird House, part one complete, that just leaves part two.
Forest and Bird House
Part Two is all about the Native American herbal smoking mixture ceremony. This is when the Thought Police sprung into being. In the shed I prepared my mixture from a very small biodegradable bag using a one time use wooden vessel. Some fresh out of school wanna be warden with very broken software headed off to a dark little shed as I told him I completed my journey with a herbal smoke.
Sacred site
Ha ha at this point I knew the wanna be warden was hot lining to the authorities in fear that Reefer_Madness  had arrived at Matiu Somes Island.
Ranger and Reefer both start with an R
On the way back the NZ Police where waiting at Queens wharf to discuss the wanna be rangers allegations.
The way back
Coincidentally my daughter had also been at Matiu Somes Island that day and she saw the NZ Police yakking with me, so came over to check whats happening, and then she almost came under the cloud of suspicion (short lived). After checking my bag they wandered off knowing that wanna be ranger was overzealous and showing his ignorance.

Thank you to the crew of the ferry for the safe travels today.

hutbag 245

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