Bill's Kayak Shack

A real easy hut bag that you slip in when you are driving from Nelson to Pelorus bridge, just a few kilometers before the bridge; so this is not really a tramping trip. However there was a small walk of about twenty meters.
BQ27 Rai Valley showing hut location
Parked at the gate and walked down the driveway in the heavy rain, didn't worry about a coat as the walk is real short.
And this is Bill's Kayak Shack, looked through the window and its a bit rough looking. SXhack indeed.
Bill's Kayak Shack
A close up of the name on the hut.
Hut sign
This building looks like a hut, its got a good secure lock on the door and the windows are well protected. Hasn't got a name, just a sign with "Rai Falls Canoe Camp" on it.
Secured building
And a close up of its sign.
Rai Falls Canoe Camp

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