Bagged Mt Malita Hut and got lost

Monday 22/01/2018
Drove to Hackett car park.
Headed off up Hackett.
Took a ridge using GPS to bypass forestry roads.
Active logging to avoid, well really it was not, its more of that excessive Nanny state bullshit.
Bush bashing thru tree fall.
Lost my cell phone, which was acting GPS, in a nice water proof GREEN bag.
Walked in circles in the rain searching.
Failed to find it
Got lost soon after...
Found some red paint.
Followed red dots and pink tape.
Arrived at the hut.
Left the hut following a nice marked track.
Clag cleared, where the f#[K am I?
Went East, got lost.
Figured out West.
Headed West.
Got unlost.
Walked past all the signs saying "dont be here".
Long walk down the road.
1954 At my car.

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