Taranaki Hut Bagging Weekend

Heading up to Taranaki to bag a hut and a shelter on the mountain, this will complete the huts on Mt Egmont, still have six to go in the Taranaki Region, this changes as and when a new hut is built or found. Taking Paul the Artist with me.

Saturday 07/07/2018
Left in the morning and drove up to the cloudy mountain.
Nice Taranaki cloud stream
First up East Egmont to bag Te Popo shelter, then off Manaia Road to park up.
Te Popo Shelter
Parked up in the main car park then a kilometer down the road to find an old track. Which as we were hunting for it, in the rain, a local driving down the hill advised us to take the lower track, as the intended was overgrown. He even gave us a ride. Thanks.
Track entrance to Kaupokonui Hunters Hut
Check out this small creek a few minutes from the hut, we crossed on our way in.
Kaupokonui Stream
Another hut bagged.
Kaupokonui Hunters Hut
Off to bed and the rain. was not stopping, getting a bit worried about tomorrow.

Sunday 08/07/2018
Woke up and the rain had slacked off, so after a quick breakfast we were off in small rain.
Paul missing his umbrella
Crossed the first creek ok, even though it was quite pushy. Wouldn't want to slip.
Kaupokonui Stream
A nice walk through the bush and stumped at the creek not to far from the road. Had top go back. The creek just before the hut was now not directly crossable, lucky for us that upstream there was a bit of a log jam and we were able to bush bash up to it and then cross the creek.
Kaupokonui Stream
Back at the hut with more rain. Have cell phone coverage so where able to let work and family know our situation.

Monday 09/07/2018
When we left it was not raining, and the creek was nice and easy to cross.
Kaupokonui Stream
This was the previous days blocker, now also an easy cross.
 Some plants to photo on the way out.
Had a look at Murphys Lake on the walk back up the road.
Murphys Lake
Back at the car with a wee view, before the slow drive back to Wellington.
Dawson Falls car park
Missed a days work, second water stuck this year, giving creeks a rest for the winter.

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