Carkeek Night

AIM: Get to that elusive hut Carkeek and have a beer and inhale.

Friday 26th February 2010

As usual it was a drive to a road end friday night after work, road end being Poads. Paul and I keen to get to Carkeek hut; as neither of us have ever been there.

2104 Left the car and headed off across the farm.
2207 Into the Ohau river for the final two hours with a full moon lighting the way. The big light is the full moon and the little light is Paul in his usual place (behind).

0010 Arrived at South Ohau hut just after midnight, typical three hour journey. Crash and snooze.

Saturday 27th February 2010

Had a bit of a sleep in.
0946 Left the hut and headed off up the track to Te Matawai.
1113 At Te Matawai for a bit of an early lunch and relax as the weather was rocking. Not your usual Tararua rain forest stuff.

1135 We left the hut and headed off up to Arete where we planned to stop for lunch. As we got onto the tops we had views that are not that common, check out the ridge we intend to walk along on our way to Carkeek.

1402 Arrived at Arete Biv.
1511 On my own and on my way to Carkeek, mate Paul is just not up to more walking today. Seems the heat and the few hours of walk have totaled him. Left him with a beer. Bye Arete.

Good views of Banister as Im heading to Carkeek.

1818 At Carkeek hut. Time for tea and a beer.

So finally walked to Carkeek hut. Go there from Arete Biv and stayed just one night. A good tops walk on a fine day and more fun compass driven claggy day on the return.  Love the street sign with authentic bullet hole.

Sunday 28th February 2010

0652 Left Carkeek hut on my way back to Poads road, hope to catch up to Paul by South Ohau hut.

It was a claggy day with not much visablity from Carkeek to Arete, once at Te Matawai it was all good. Caught Paul at South Ohau and we headed out down the river stopping for a few swims on the way.

The map of the way.

Question on the street sign

Google maps cant find a Carkeek Street in Wellington so where did the sign come from? There is a Carkeek Street in Nelson. And the name for Nelsons street is from Stephen Carkeek. He was the first Collector of Customs in Nelson (1842-49) and harbourmaster from 1843-49. He then transferred to Wellington. More on  Stephen Carkeek

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Anonymous said...

Great report. Just found it. Sign probably would have come from Sedden, south of Blenheim. I’m still trying to get to the Hut.