Nichols Hut from Poads Road

Paul and I aim to walk to Nichols Hut from Poads Road, heading to South Ohau for Friday night. Which leaves us with a short walk on Saturday to Nichols and a longer walk out on Sunday.

Friday 26/03/2010
Left car park after ten p.m and did a night walk to South Ohau hut, arriving there the next day at one thirty.

Saturday 27/03/2010
A slow wake up, left South Oahu hut at ten thirty into dull mist up, Yeates track to Te Matawai.
South Ohau hut
Junction at top of Yeates track
Stopped at Te Matawai for lunch break and then on up to Pukematawai in the mist.

Looking back at Paul in the mist
West and South along Dracophyllum Ridge.

Stopped at Dracophyllum  hut for a snack, my first time here. A two bunk with no fire and I had no cell accesss here.
Dracophyllum Hut
Here we parted company as the walk so far had been a bit too much for Paul. So I headed off to Nichols and got the just after seven.
Nichols Hut
Sunday 28/03/2010
This morning a cold day and  chill wind  to start the days walk back to Poads Road.

Trip Times
2230 Left Poads Road car park
0028 South Ohau hut
1032 Left South Ohau hut
1126 Yeates junction
12 Te MAtawai
1302 Left Te Matawai
1615 Dracophyllum hut
1636 Left Dracophyllum hut
1915 Nicholls hut
0836 Left Nichols hut
1059 Dracophyllum hut
1114 Left Dracophyllum hut
1431 Into Te Matawai hut to log pass thru
1509 Yeates junction
1539 South Ohau hut
1604 Left South Ohau hut 
1815 Out of the Ohau
1914 Poads road

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