Baldy on the way to Nowhere 17/09/2010

Must be age or it was the wind and cold, but didnt get across the tops. Drove away from Wellington a bit late. Started walking at 2334 and got to Aitiwhakatu at spot on 0100.
Friday 17/09/2010
Took a while to get out of Wellington, stuff to do, food to eat, cloths to wash. Walking before midnight so should be at the hut early Saturday morning.

Saturday 18/09/2010
Arrive at Aitiwhakatu real early Saturday morning. Had a small cup of whisky before slumber. A nice whisky for a non Islay, might of been its 59.8%. Slept and eventually woke and wandered off into the wind heading for Baldy and maybe along to Mid King Biv. Really wonderful views.
Back at the hut and its full of people, as its just an hour or so from the road end decided to head out and drive back to Wellington.

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