Te Matawai from Poads Road 20-22/08/2010

Te Matawai from Poads Road someway somewhere by myself.

  • Remove any religious matter from huts and return to rightful owner.
  • Leave only footprints.
  • Friday - Drive to Poads Road end and walk to Te Matawai hut.
  • Saturday - Walk somewhere.
  • Sunday - Leisurely sleep in and then walk to the car and drive back to Wellington.
Friday 20/08/2010

It was quite chilly friday night as it was clearish and frosty with a bit of a chill wind. Should have put gloves on as was unable to flick a cigerette lighter when I got to the hut.

2128 Left car at Poads Road and started walking to South Ohau hut.
2142 Wiopehu turn off.
2222 Gable End track, such a cold night so up here instead of river.
0039 Richards Knob.
0155 Otaki River turn off.
0207 At Te Matawai hut.

Moon shadows, no rabbit hole tonight.

Saturday 21/08/2010

Mornings at Te Matawai can be good like this morning, sitting on the veranda in the sun with no wind looking at hills and getting some serious relaxation.
Wander off up the hill in the early afternoon, heading for the snow into the icy wind and low lying cloud. Cold.
Waterfall here is going to get a visit.
Cranked up the fire for a warm night.

Sunday 22/08/2010
Another relaxing wakeup and liesurely breakfast before wandering off back to the car down Gables
Watching with interest.
Cleaned hut as usual.
Sweep out the dirt the dust and the religious tract. Left only footprints. If there where rules to follow (not that I would) nowhere does it say leave bibles.

The number of fish that grow legs and walked away is not on the increase yet.

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