Nowhere from Kiriwhakapapa Road End 2010

An artist and I heading off to go over Bannister with some weather coming.

  • Remove any religious matter from huts.
  • Drink some tasty tasty whisky.
  • Leave only footprints.
  • Friday - Drive to Kiriwhakapap Road end and walk to Blue Range hut.
  • Saturday - Over "track not maintained" to Cow Sadle and up to Wiangawa and over Bannister to Arete.
  • Sunday - Wiaohine Pinnacles to Tarn Ridge hut.
  • Monday - Over Table and down "track not maintained" to Cow Creek hut.
  • Out to road end and back to Wellington.
The malt for this trip is Isle of Jura 11 yo 1999 Boutique Barrels (55%, OB 2010, Bourbon XU cask finish). Magnificent whisky.

Friday 30/07/2010
This is the only part of the walk that went to plan. We got to Blue Range hut friday night. We got here at 11:30pm was good we walked as Id hate to get the car towed away.

Saturday 31/07/2010
Headed off from Blue Range hut and after an hour we got to the turn off where down hill gets you to Cow creek hut and uphill heads off to Cow Saddle. Well that artist guy was shagged after one hour walking and headed off to Cow Creek. Not again!

Me I decided to keep going and got up onto the tops and was battered by the wind, still was warm and sunny when out of the wind.
In the end I too gave up and wandered down to Cow Creek hut. Warmed up nicely after we got a pile of wood and cranked up the fire.

Sunday 01/08/2010
Walk back to road end was wet wet wet and windy.
The little hut.
Drive back to Wellington.

Showing intended route and huts, never happened. Gotta try again, next time on my own.

Cleaned hut as usual.

Sweep out the dirt the dust and the religious tract. Left only footprints.
Nowhere does it say leave bibles.

The number of fish that grow legs and walked away is on the increase.

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