Mt Fell Hut 16/10/2010

Another wander to check out the air craft wreck on the side of Johnston, doing it the easy way this time. Most of the trip is by car, then a few hours walking up a hill.

Left Nelson late in the afternoon and after a 1 and a half hour drive got to the Timms Creek carpark. Headed off up to Mt Fell hut at sevenish, sign says 7 hours but we know that is not right. Spotted some interesting things along the way, saw several of them out wandering around.
Eventually got to Mt Fell hut just as it started to rain. Not long after I got there it poured down and kept going all night.
As this Nelson town has a non existant supply of single cask, cask strength, young whisky from the Isle of Islay. I got myself a single can of beer; so saturday night is DAB time.
Rain and wind all night long.

Woke up early and its still pissing down. Not going to see the bits of wreck spread over the basin in this weather. So heading off back to the car after a good cup of coffee.
Got down to the creek and it had become a raging torrent, had a couple of tries at crossing but its too swift. If I slipped I dont think Id survive.
Gets a bit twitchy when the cars an hour away and all thats in the way is a bit of water. After several wanders up and down looking for a way across I gave up and headed off back up to Mt Fell hut.
Back up at the hut and wet as, so cranked up the fire to dry out. This hut has a good cooking utensil collection.
I was meant to be out today and Im not. No cell phone coverage here and its such shit weather that Im not going for a walk up the top to attempt cell phoning. Wonder if family is getting worried?

Last night was really cold didnt rain, just hailed for a bit. Snowing when I woke up. Well at least the creek should be down.
Off down the hill again and looking good as all the little creeks I crossed are behaving themselves. Tree roots snaking out.
At the creek and its a knee deep crossing with no raging torrent.
An hour or so and Ill be out, nice warm day in this valley.
A few minutes from the car walking around the side of the hill I can see my car and a big white 4 wheel drive. Meet one of the Blenheim Policemen who was there checking on things. As I got there he asked my name and then said on his radio that the missing man had turned up. I guess I was late enough that my family got worried and called the police. Just a day late.

At times like these you realise how awesome our police, and search and resuce are.

1917 Left car at Timms Creek
2203 On the top path heading to the hut.
2256 At Mt Fell hut

1113 Left Mt Fell hut.
1257 At creek?
1600ish Back at Mt Fell hut.

0820 Left Mt Fell hut.
1004 At the creek and no problems.
1118 At the car.

Map of the walk

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Heh heh. I see that You're famous. Also in the Nelson Mail. :)