New Angelus Hut 30 - 31/10/2010


A trip with Anthony to check out the new hut.

  • Remove any religious matter from huts and return to rightful owner.
  • Drink some tasty tasty whisky.
  • Leave only footprints.
  • Saturday - Drive to Robert Ridge car park and leave one car there. Down to the water taxi and a fast ride up to Coldwater hut. Walk to Angelus hut via Hukure Stream.
  • Sunday - Leisurely walk out along Robert Ridge to the car and then to the other car and then home.
The malts for this trip are a tasty Speyside Macallan 12 yo and Islay Bowmore 12 yo:

Saturday 30/10/2010
We drove to the lake and sorted out cars. A good day for walking. Typical Nelson Lakes good weather day.
Cute little ducks everywhere, wish I had some junk food for them.
There are many views of interesting faces on the way up to Angelus, some would be worth coming back to explore with a bag of rope.
Along the way there is the usual waterfalls, insects, trees fallen down, Shami, destination, snow, and Anthony.
At the hut, my first time to this hut as its a replacement. It is larger and almost built in the same spot. It is well insulated DOC have built a very comfortable hut. Well worth a visit.
View of Mt Angelus from above the hut.
Looking down on the hut and frozen lake.
Finished the day by sleeping out on the verandah and having some tasty whisky. A bit of a chilly night. Well worth it as we saw many sats cruising past and a few shooting stars.

Sunday 31/10/2010
What a great day! This is the life sunshine a bit of snow and views to come back to. Early morning shot of Angelus from my bivvy bed on the veranda.
Heading away across the frozen lake.
The walk along Roberts Ridge gave us a good look at the Speargrass valley.

Map of the loop
Was a very clean hut.
Left only footprints, especially in the snow.
The number of fish that grow legs and walked away is not on the increase yet.

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