Anchorage 4-5/12/2010

Family type tramping trip with Duangdao, Tariga, and two of Tariga's friends.

Saturday 04/12/2010
Early start with a problem of forgetting to take the chunk of DOC paper that is needed for hut access. So turned round and went and fetched it, DOC never requested a view any way. Drive to Marahau and some tooing and frooing to sort out a petrol supply issue.

Got there and packs on and off we went.
The young three took off with Duang and I taking our time. These are the good sights along the way.
Was a very hot day and we had this view before going down the hill to the hut.  We arrived at the hut approx 12.20pm, making it a 3 and half hour walk.
These are the not so good sights along the way. There seems to be an ongoing business of depositing chunks of brown stuff and associated paperwork along the way in little flat spots besides the track. Is this foreign policy?
From Marahau to Anchorage there was a trail of pooh.

Sunday 05/12/2010
Wandered out with Duang for half an hour and then went back to the hut to get the girls out of bed. They where already doing breakfast.

Meet up at the beach cafe for a nice lunch before heading to Motueka for an ice cream.

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