Poor Pete's Hut

This is the first tramp of the year and a one night only for checking out the Matiri and popping up onto 1000 acre plateau. First time into this area.

Saturday 01/01/2011
A nice drive to Murchison and a visit to the info center where I was advised that the Matiri Valley track is closed as it is very dangerous due to a massive slip. Decided to give it a go as it sounded like it could be a challenge, the info center staff thought that was a bad idea.
Matiri Valley Road
Matiri West Bank Road
Sagar Road
End of 4 wheel track
A nice 16km drive from the road end to the parking area, if in 4 wheel drive there is more road to travel, not much though. DOC stuff says three hours to Lake Matiri hut, but its only an hour and a half for fit people. And there was no dangerous slip or anything that could close a track.
Lake Matiri Hut
Left the hut at quarter past five and headed off up to Poor Pete's hut, what a great walk, love the bit where it flattens out and there are some views down to the lake and of the hills on the other side.
View of Lake Matiri
From the nice viewing lounge it was more up through bush until out in the open and finally on the 1000 acre plateau. A very muddy looking Lake, may be from the last few days of rain.
One thousand acre plateau
One thousand acre plateau
Down and across to Poor Pete's hut, probably a brisk ten minute walk.
Poor Petes Hut
The hut is leaky and run down, looks like it could fall down soon.
Poor Petes Hut
View of Plateau
Thought about staying here the night or heading back down to Lake Matiri hut. A fellow tramper arrived and he had had a much longer day than me so I decided to head back to Matiri hut. Only took an hour and quarter to get there; compared to two hours up. The Lake Matiri hut was not full so stayed there the night.

Sunday 02/01/2011
A quick walk out, less than an hour and a half.  The mud color water is in need of investigation, must come again and see if the lake is same color. The slab across the river would be a fun climb.
Matiri River
A dream slab
The picture below is the "dangerous" place. What a load of rubbish, and the exaggeration probably lives on.
The slip
Relaxing drive back to Nelson and then a cold Weka lager. All in all a great one night'er and an area to go back to for a few days.
Weka beer
Trip Times

1522 Left car at Matiri car park
1617 Gate at end of 4 wheel track
1647 Lake Matiri Hut
1718 Left Matiri Hut for Poor Petes
1722 Sign to Poor Petes Hut
1809 Up high and good views
1922 On the plateau
1942 Poor Petes Hut
2001 Left Poor Petes Hut
2129 Lake Matiri Hut
1031 Left Lake Matiri Hut
1053 At the gate
1146 Back at the car park
A map of the area wandered

and there was no density to remove from huts... 

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