Angelus Hut

First visit to Angelus hut in Nelson Lake National Park this year. Doing the trip with daughter Tariga for her first time and we got sub optimal weather. We aim to go to Speargrass hut for the first night and then up Speargrass to Angelus Hut for the second night. Final day is to be a walk out along Robert Ridge. Depending on the weather.

Monday 10/10/2011
Left Nelson and drove to the Robert Ridge car park and headed off in ok weather for Speargrass hut. Meet two people coming out and they told us there where about ten people in the hut. Got us thinking of options as its a twelve bunker and by the time we got there it may have been full. We decided sleeping on the floor was ok. Tariga on the boardwalk thru the trees.
Tagz on a walkway
Just crossed the creek and at the junction, minutes from the hut.
Tagz on the old green sign
The hut as seen just as leaving the trees, didnt look full. Had two bunk spaces left. Nice, no floor.
Speargrass Hut
With two families and their four young kids playing cards we decided on having a evening snack of health food somewhere else.
Tuesday 11/10/2011
I slept until most people had left as the walk for Tuesday is three to five hours depending on fitness, weather, and the snow.
We headed off up the Speargrass valley to Angelus Hut. A good day for walking, not hot at all. The open area after the trees with plant life and low hanging cloud.
Just thru the forest at the start
Looking back at the forest we came thru.
Tariga on edge of bush
Began to get claggy after headed up the valley for a few hours.

After being in a white out for a while we eventually had enough visibility to know where to go and got to the empty hut. Got a fire going and we slept in front of it a very warm and comfortable night.
Wednesday 12/10/2011
The clear blue sky that was forecast Sunday night was somewhere else.

Trip Times
1243 Left Robert Ridge car park.
1529 At Speargrass Hut.

Total: 2h46m

1155 Left Speargrass Hut
1230 Out of the bush and into the open valley.
1340 Into the snow, a few clear bits, easy walking stuff, not need crampons. 

Map of the Trip

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