Oteranga Bay

14/05/2012 Saturday

Somebody and Me caught a bus Saturday morning to Island Bay last stop and then walked to the old quarry after Ohiro Bay to start our walk proper. A walk to Makara maybe?
We walked to Oteranga Bay in the hot sun that burned me. Windy walk.
Somebody walking
And here is the big shed to do with the cable from South Island.
Took the road up Black Gulley past the boiler of the old Albion stamping Battery, this pile of steel was got here in 1885.
 Had a stop here for a while as we ate food and ;ooked at the steel.
 Out onto South Makara Road and then walked to Makara Road and got a ride back to Wellington.
Walk ends here
Map showing Oteranga Bay

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Picturetalk321 said...

I love this post. Especially the last sentence. Totally moreish.