Cow Creek

Taking some foreign guy (Martin) for a walk to Waingawa and staying at Cow Creek.

Friday 24/08/2012
Drove to Kiriwhakapapa Road end and sorted our bags and headed off to Cow Creek.
Did a side detour to check out Blue Range hut on the way as its an interesting hut to visit.
Blue Range Hut
View from track, sun fading
Saturday 25/08/2012
A day trip up to Waingawa, a bit windy above the bush line so I carried on on my own. Returned to the hut and three people had arrived.
Heading up Waiangawa
Sunday 26/08/2012
Gave the hut a good clean up before heading out after lunch.
Love this tree, hugs?
Trip Times
Friday 24/08/2012
1634 Left Kiriwhakapap Road end for Cow Creek hut
1807 Turnoff to Blue Range hut
1828 Back at Blue Range turnoff
1929 Waingawa Junction
2036 Cow Creek hut 
Saturday 25/08/2012
Day walk up to Waingawa and back
Sunday 26/08/2012
1132 Left Cow Creek hut to return to Kiriwhakapapa Road end
1245 Waingwa Junction
1410 Blue Range hut turnoff
1540 Back at car 


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