North Ohau

Walking into North Ohau hut for Saturday night on my own to check out travel to Square Knob on Sunday, before I return.

Saturday 01/09/2012
Walked into North Ohau hut with nice weather and a average amount of water flow. Can see the hut roof about ten minutes from the hut.
Some nice cloud formations in the evening.
Sunday 02/09/2012
After lunch headed off up the river and then crossed where the pine trees are.
Walked up thru the pine trees to gain the ridge to Square Knob. Lots of goats here in the bush. Had a tangle with the scrub and last my glasses for a while. Did not get to Square Knob but its easy travel (as far as no track goes) once on the ridge. Back to the hut and packed up and headed out.

Trip Times
Saturday 01/09/2012
1338 Left Poads Road
1436 Into the South Ohau
1507 North and South Ohau junction
1609 Can see the roof of North Ohau hut
1617 North Ohau hut
Sunday 02/09/2012
1443 Left North Ohau to return to Poads road
1531 North and South Ohau junction
1605 Onto track
1703 At Poads Road.


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