Te Matawai

Me off on a blast as the weather is looking good for the night life.

Friday 14/09/2012
Left from Poads Road before nine pm heading to South Ohau up the river. River too cold for me to travel and it was still up a wee bit. So back down the river and heading off up Gables to take the escape route down to South Ohau. Some millipede action on the track
And as I climbed up saw many snails, counted more than twenty on the track.
Snail 1
Snail 2
Started out ok going down the escap route to South Ohau but got a bit lost in the mist and after not finding the bush entry retraced my steps and carried on along Gables heading for Te Matawai. A bit more of a longer walk than I planned. Arrived at Te Matawai at half past two Saturday morning.

Saturday 15/09/2012
Slept in a bit, almost lunch time when I got out of the sack. No so chilly and got some views of Dundas with a wee frosting.
Had lunch and headed off to South Oahu and hopefully out down the river. Stopped at South Ohau for a quick coffee.

Trip Times

Friday 14/09/2012
2042 Left Poads Road End
2357 South Ohau Escape Route
0052 Richards Knob
0200 Yeates track junction
0215 Otaki River track
0229 Te Matawai hut  
Saturday 15/09/2012
1311 Left Te Matawai
1339 Yeates track
1413 South Ohau hut
1455 Left South Ohau hut
1614 North South Ohau junction
1655 Out of river onto track 
1803 At Poads Road

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