Butchers Creek

Solo tramp to South Ohau hut for an explore of Butchers Creek.

Friday 21/09/2012
Typical late evening start from Poads Road and a wet walk in the dark up the river to South Ohau. Was a bit of a slow walk. Always enjoy getting there and cranking up a fire after the cold walk and sipping some whisky.

Saturday 22/09/2012
Butchers creek explore day. Always wanted to head up here and check out the tributaries that feed Butchers. Got to less than 100 meters from Dora Ridge track, just a bit of a bush bash to get there.
Butchers Creek 01
Butchers Creek 02
Butchers Creek 03
Butchers Creek 04
Butchers Creek 05
Butchers Creek 06
Butchers Creek 07
Butchers Creek 08
Butchers Creek 09
Butchers Creek 10
Sunday 23/09/2012
Out of bed when I woke and did a hut tidy and firewood collection exercise. Lunched in the sun and then left the hut heading out down the river.

Trip Times
2048 Left Poads Road car park
2149 Into the Ohau
0044 South Ohau hut
1305 Left South Ohau hut
1549 Out of the Ohau
1650 Poads Road car park

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