Te Matawai

Carl and I doing an Ohau trip, too much rain so we didn't walk up the river, we took Gables track and headed to Te Matawai.

Friday 05/10/2012
A rain walking exercise with Carl, got to the hut after mid night and got a fire going and ate food. A few beers and whiskys later and it was almost four in the morning.

Saturday 06/10/2012
Did not do much this day as it was a sleep in type of day. In the end we decided to head down to South Ohau. It was a fast blast down the hill.
Carl at Te Matawai
Chopper Pad view
Sunday 07/10/2012
We decided to explore the falls up South Ohau before walking out.
Checking out Dowling Falls
View of dusting from top of escape route
Trip Times
1859 Left Poads Road
2005 Heading up Gables
2248 Richards Knob
2356 Yeates track junction
0031 Te Matawai hut
1701 Left Te Matawai
1723 Yeates track
1759 South Ohau
1022 Left South Ohau
Went for a walk up South Ohau to check out Dowling Falls
1335 Back at South Ohau hut
1428 Left South Ohu hut, heading up escape route
1600 Onto Gables
1728 Onto Gorge track
1821 Poads Road car park

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