Neill Forks

An exercise trip as its a half day walk to Neill Forks hut with some wee up and downs both ways, and it was raining hard. A great hut to go when your really wet as the fire is awesome and the wood supply plentiful. Good whisky too. Trip whisky being one of the Jura boutique bottles.
Jura Boutique Cask
Scored this one from Centre City Wines and Spirits

Saturday 13/10/2012
Got to Holdsworth and it was bucketing down, so went to the shelter to sort my pack. Quite a few other trampers sitting out the rain.  I headed off and was wet by the time I got to Rocky Lookout.
The Totara Creek track was a minor creek and Totara creek at the bottom was only just passable, had to go upstream and cross it where it was braided. Furthur down the track there was this weird rubbery looking fungi.
Got to the swing bridge and took a photo as the river was up, as below, and then the next photo is how it was on Sunday on the way back.
Waiohine up
Waiohine down
Stopped at Totara hut for a drink and snack, then off up Cone Ridge into the wind. Cone Peak Wind Speed

Sunday 14/10/2012
I broke my new spoon, one of those things called a spork. Stupid thing. In two its not much useful.
spork rubbish
So now have me something better, this metal thing.
Lifelong spoon
I left Neill Forks after lunch and headed off into the sun, so different weather to Saturday.
View of Tararau Peaks with snow
Last nights snow dusting
Trip Times
1232 Left Holdsworth car park
1327 Rocky Lookout
1348 Pig Flat junction
1418 Totara Flat creek
1525 Totara Flats hut
1550 Left Totara Flats hut
1745 Neill Forks turnoff on Cone Ridge
1831 Neill Forks hut
1406 Left Neill Forks hut
1519 Cone Ridge
1651 Totara Flats hut
1708 Left Totara Flats hut
1905 Pig Flat junction
1925 Rocky Lookout
2007 Holdsworth car park


The Place

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I'm not growing the fish any legs, might have to go North and check out the Ruahines.


MikeM said...

Hello. How far up Totara Creek to need to get to find the braided area?

Trippy Tramping said...

Not far, probably 75 meters, just past a side stream. Not really braided but seperate channels of flow, at time of crossing would've been less than 1 meter but pushy.

MikeM said...

Ah, okay then. Thanks. That beats trudging up the creek for half an hour. :)