Toilet Track

Friday 08/02/2013
Another wander in the Tararua's with such fine weather, and again the destination is Poads Road. This time its a Friday night walk to North Ohau hut. River so shallow and warm, a very easy stroll with crawlies in the farm stream, fleeting glimpses of eels, and the occasional spider out for a swim.
And then the cairn on the big log after the last of the small gorges,  an easy stroll from here.
Saturday 09/02/2013
North Ohau hut is a four bunker just like Elder, except its got a fire in it.
 Finally a wander up the track at the back of the toilet.
Had heard that it was well cut and marked. And it is. I  did have fun for a while as I dropped off East from 897 and headed down into some bluffs. Worked out I had dropped to soon, did manage to head North where I bumped into red plastic ties. Which gave a nice trail down the ridge proper.

Sunday 10/02/2013
Sat in the sun for a few hours at Te Matawai relaxing before heading off.
And again at South Ohau more sun aliens and relax.
Down the South Ohau seeing a New Zealand bush giant dragonfly, or Kapakapowai (Uropetala carovei) flying about and as I watched it settled on a log for a few photos.
Trip Times

Friday 08/02/2013
2139 Left Poads Road
2239 In the Ohau river
2254 PAssing fly camp
0031 North Ohau hut
Saturday 09/02/2013
1332 Left North Ohau hut heading up Toilet track
1453 On ridge near 897
1607 Into Mangahoa river for a picnic
1717 Up onto track heading to Girdlestone saddle
1846 Girdlestone saddle
1946 Te Matawai hut 
Sunday 10/02/2013
1226 Left Te Matawai hut
1232 Otaki River turnoff
1242 Yeates track
1305 South Ohau hut
1436 Left South Ohau hut heading down river
1536 North and South Ohau juntion
1602 Out of river on track
1656 Poads Road
Map of the Interesting Bit

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