North Ohau

North Ohau is a really nice hut up a gorge and when the weather is hot and the water shallow it is an excellent place to relax. The first day of autumn and my first autumn tramp for the year. Still summer weather. Got dropped off at Poads Road on Friday evening and walked up the river to North Ohau hut. A very dry track and shallow river.
On Saturday after a realxing morning went up river to check out the waterfall. Only went as far as the slot like pools.
More of the spiders, this one shot into the water as I approached.
Disturbed a hind beside the creek and she stood in the middle for about a minute untill I used the zoom on my camera. She bolted and I got no photo. Back at the hut two more trampers had arrived, Steve and Jessie from Upper Hutt. Had lots of good tramping discussions.

Sunday was an easy wander out, left after lunch and got to Poads Road for pickup.

Trip Times

Friday 01/03/2013
1801 Left Poads Road
1854 In the South Ohau river
1924 North South Ohau junction
1946 Cairn on log
2005 North Ohau hut
Saturday 02/03/2013
1248 Left hut heading up river, took the fork on the true left
1634 Back at North Ohau hut
Sunday 03/03/2013
1247 Left North Ohau hut
1302 Cairn on the log
1324 North South Ohau junction
1350 Bush track start
1441 Poads Road end

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