Lees Creek

Anthony, Jedsada, and I going up Lees Creek to Lees Creek hut for a night expecting this little valley to be void of people over the holiday weekend. Wonder why is it not called Lees Creek hut on the hut sign? DOC and LINZ call it Lees Creek hut, so maybe there was just not enough room on the bit of wood?
Friday 29/03/2013
Not much cloud up the Rainbow compared to Lake Rotoiti, a bit of a warm day. We parked at Lees Creek car park and when we where getting ready another group of trampers arrived, they too heading for Lees Creek. As we where hoping to use the small four bunk hut there arrival hastened our departure.
We did get there first and settled in and ate and drank then off for a walk.
Went for a walk up the first valley on the true right above the hut. Did not get out onto the tops even though we could see a easy enough route. Another little valley to explore.
In total camped in the valley was one group of four, a couple, and a group of maybe five, with three tents. And this all in a place we thought would have no one. Coming up this valley it is best to bring some shelter.
Saturday 30/03/2013
Woken up in the early hours of the morning by a massive thump, thought the hut was falling down. Nope just Jedsada falling out of one of the top bunks onto the floor and he had no injury, so back to sleep.  Time to leave this valley, I shall be back with more days.
Was not so hot on the walk out today, still lots of wasps.
The big rock that the swing bridge over the Wairau goes to is an interesting start or finish to the Lees Creek valley.
Trip Times

Friday 29/03/2013
1059 Left from Lees Creek car park
1126 At the second swing bridge crossing Lees Creek
1306 At Lee Creek hut
Saturday 30/03/2013
0906 Left Lee Creek hut
1110 Crossing Lees Creek swing bridge
1132 At the Wairau swing bridge
1140 At the car


kbsfamily said...

hi just a question ,im heading there over labour weekend and was wondering if the ford at 6 mile creek (just before the locked gate) has been fixed as it was impassable last year?

Trippy Tramping said...

The ford was all good earlier this year. I havnt been back since, sad. You have a good walk.

eNZedFred said...

Thanks for info. I went up there in 1976 and want to go back again this summer.