Friday 27/12/2013
This a cruise to sort some access to some ridges this way and that way and never sure of which way as the wx was not in tune with the requirements of my journey. Heading that way that gets me there and the stones and trees give me the desire to complete some journey.
Got there to that Fishtail hut that evening with some visibility to the horizon available.
To the hut to the shelter and then there is the Smokehead to know that the shelter is gained.
Saturday 28/12/2013
It stormed it rained it clouded and eventually the next evening it cleared just for a short time. This is what we seen when it cleared looking the way that we came. So off the other way.
Heading up to the ridge line to a view of the other side and an ability to make a phone call.
The boiling cloud view pre whisky time.
And then back to the hut with blue sky vapor feeding frenzy prior to the rain.

Sunday 29/12/2013
A home wandering day after hours of reading and watching for the weather to change. Stones collected white colored there they lay.
And on down...
Tripping Times
27/12/2013 Friday
1536 Left the car park
1600 At Pine Valley Hut
1619 In the river before the up and up
1849 At Fish Tail Hut
28/12/2013 Saturday
Done nothing this day except for some top wandering when the rain lifted...
29/12/2013 Sunday
1639 Left the hut at move fast speed for car in the valley
1808 At the river crossing. Nothing.
1829 The hut
1859 At my car in the car park. Vroom.

Map of Fishtail


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