Kime, Elder, Renata Loop Again

It was just one month ago that I did this loop, way different weather this time, no hands and knees over the beehives. The track from Waiotauru Forks has had a wee bit more fall away and there is one place where care is required. Whisky this trip was Kilchoman's Machir Bay, a very crisp smoke laden peaty dram.

Friday 10/01/2014
Paul and I headed off in daylight to Fields hut to meet up with Jessie, lost Paul in the forest and he arrived twenty minutes after me at Fields. He decided that he was in no condition to carry on to Kime. Just Jessie and I headed off with Paul expected early Saturday morning. It was late when Jessie and I arrived at Kime.

Saturday 11/01/2014
I was last out of bed as usual and Paul had arrived and was entertaining the hut with stories of the paintings he was doing of the Tararua's. Had a nice breakfast and took a photo of the hut as its the first time I have seen the completed hut in good weather, usually is been shrouded in mist.
Kime Hut
Them soft hills
Yep more of them soft hills
We headed off to Elder following a couple from France, I soon left Jessie and Paul and got to Elder some time before the others, got comfortable in the sun on the deck. Jessie arrived, then the French couple, and finally Paul. Again he was feeling a shattered so he decided to sleep for a few hours and head for Renata later.

First at Renata hut from team Elder, Jessie arriving and my very comfortable feet.
Feet comfortable at Renata
The French couple arrived a few hours later and not long after Paul got there. Very comfortable night.

Sunday 12/01/2014
Again I was last out of bed, kinda hoping the others would have headed off and left me to catch them up.Great fun walking out in a drizzly sort of rain.

Density Matters
As I had only done this loop a month ago I was not surprised that there was no density to remove :-).

Another little movie from HTC One Mini Zoe.

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