Joe Gibbs Memorial Hut

Saturday 20/12/2014
A good evening wander into dogs barking, ciggies, and whisky at Tutuwai hut. Got there before the rain and needing a torch. Interesting evening yakking with two others, from them learnt of Joe Gibbs Memorial Hut.
Some view approx 40 min before hut
Sunday 21/12/2014
Checked out Joe Gibbs Memorial Hut on the Sunday.
Joe Gibbs Memorial Hut
Joe Gibbs Memorial Hut
Joe Gibbs Memorial Hut
Joe Gibbs Memorial Hut
Headed back to Kaitoke and car.

Trip Times

1800 Left Kiwi Ranch car park
1938 Smith Creek Shelter
1954 Bridge
2119 Tutuwai Hut

1028 Left Tutuwai Hut
1235 Smith Creek Shelter
1410 Kiwi Ranch car park



Anonymous said...

Gidday. How far up the R stream is Joe Gibbs memorial hut? Is it visible from stream itself? Am planning a trip past cone and might pop into see this one. Cheers- Weka

si-dog said...

The hut is accessed up the true left bank side of Rogers Stream. The track is fairly straightforward to find from the main track that continues on to tutuwai hut.