Mt Matthews

An international team with members from China, Turkey, and New Zealand do a day trip aiming to get to the top of Mouth Matthews in the Orongorongo Forest park. We have talked about this for months and we finally put it together.

The Orongorongo is a very accessible place for those who live in the Wellington area. Easy access to a forest park. Check out the DOC stuff here.

Saturday 17/01/2015

0728 Left Wellington in Franks car, complete with baby seat, not quite big enough for Tuncay or I. So we had a squashed trip to the Catchpool; two guys one and a half seats.
Ian and Tuncay in 1.5 seats
Got to Catchpool carpark and ripped the junk out of Franks pack. Man oh man Frank has watched too much American tv!
The lets get going shot with all the smiles ready to head off and no hill in site.
Tuncay, Frank, and Ying
 Once more including me.
Ian, Tuncay, Frank, Ying

0821 Headed off to the river. DOCware at the start of the track. DOCware everywhere.
0928 At the curve bridge just before popping into the river.
Tuncay, Frank, and Ying on curve bridge
 Walking up the valley and crossing the calf deep  river several times.
River crossing
Tuncay, Ying, and Frank wading.

The wide river bed
 1030 stopped for a cup of coffee and snack in the creek before heading up
Snack spot, Ying Frank, and Tuncay
1128 Heading off up Mount Matthews.
Frank going up
Tuncay and Ying going up
DOCware ensuring we know where we are
View down the valley
1259 At the clear spot, stopped for lunch. Clouds drifting in so we not go to the top, as best views here anyway.
Tuncay, Ying, and Frank
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The top with cloud

Frank, Ying, and Tuncay
Frank happy back at the curve bridge
Off to the super market in Ynui to get some food for cooking over and in a fire on the beach. Wood collection, fire, cooking, and  eating. Yum.
team cook
Example of Franks cooking
Hot Rocks
Ying, food, and Frank
The cooking rock
seaweed on the rocks
out to sea
South Island
Later in the dark we wandered a bit as we walked back to the car for the drive home.

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