Walls Whare to Mt. Reeves

Jessie and Ian not doing a top trip as the forecast weather scared us off.

Saturday 07/03/2015
Drove to Walls Whare, or as close as you can get with the last kilometer blocked off.
Road still closed
Excellent weather as we walked up the track that has yellow markers and is not obviously managed by DOC. There are unmanaged hazards, that is a real laugh. So much could be said about this sign.
DOCware - unmanaged hazards
We headed off along the well marked, with yellow triangles, nicely maintained track. We did not find any hazards, managed or unmanaged. Often, if not always, tramping and climbing is all about unmanaged hazards; that is what makes journeys enjoyable. The challenge. The walk along this track is very enjoyable with a few rocky outcrops and great views over the Wairarapa. Over the afternoon the wind got more noticeable.
Jessie on one of the viewing lounges (unmanaged)
Got to Tutawai Hut about two thirty and withing minutes the rain poured down, on and off all night. So we stopped here and did not go any where else. Was the rain unmanaged?

Sunday 08/03/2015
Walked up the Tauherenikau Track to Cone Hut then out to Walls Whare.
Cone Hut
Trip Times
1101 Left "Road Closed"
1118 Start of "Unmanaged Hazards"
1253 Junction
1440 Tutuwai Hut

0912 Left Tutuwai Hut
1008 Cone Hut
1155 Walls Whare

Cone is clean again.

Map of Area
Where there may be encounters with "unmanaged hazards"

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