Lodestone via Lodestone Creek

A day walk with Anthony up Lodestone using Lodestone Creek.

Monday 21/09/2015
We drove up the Graham Valley Road to the Flora car park. Headed off and walked into Flora Hut and then up the track about a kilometer to Lodestone Creek, which we then dropped into and discovered that it was easy going and marked with a stoat line. A bit of snow lying around, an overall great sunny day with good visibility and no wind. We did see what looked like a Blue duck in the creek. Furthur up the climb out of the creek got steeper and eased off to the saddle. Some good views there. Then a nice steep trail up on the ridge to Lodestone. Lodestone gave us great views. We stopped for a snack and cup of tea before heading down the icy track.
Very good day walk.
Flora Kiosk start point
Old sign
Flora Hut
Anthony up the creek in the snow
Anthony as we head up the steep bit from the saddle
View to Owen
Clear sky views
More Owen
Anthony on way to Lodestone
Anthony heading Lodestone
Out in the open
Great views
Anthony on Lodestone
Heading down
Owen again
Icy in the trees, wish I had an axe or pole
Anthony holding the trees up
Open area on way down
Bridge on way home

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Trip Times
Monday 21/09/2015
1109 Left Flora car park
1136 Flora Hut
1154 Into Lodestone Creek
1338 Saddle
1352 Open spot on ridge to Loddestone
1414 Top of Lodestone
1451 Heading back to Flora car park on the normal track
1551 Flora car park

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