Snowy Hut with Paul and Jessie

Took Paul and Jessie to Snowy hut, as neither of them had ever been there. It is a hut to bag in the Tararua's.

Saturday 03/10/2015
Got Paul from Newtown and picked up Jessie from the railway station and then we where off to the Otaki Forks car park.

We walked from the car park to the end of the road, a warm sunny day, just perfect for a river walk. From the clearing above the Waiotaura Forks swing bridge we had a good view down valley, looking towards Mt Hector.
Main range in distance
Easy two hour walk in on the track, as we headed down the old road into the river we came across a nanny and a couple of kids. I dropped my pack and caught one.
young goat
Let it go and it ran off after the others. We got down the bottom and stopped in the river on the rocks for lunch.

Wandering around in the dark looking to see if deer where out I lost my phone. Spent a bit of time looking for it but failed. Hopefully it dosn't rain too much.

Sunday 04/10/2015
So I got out of bed and went hunting for my phone and found it really easy.

An overcast day to walk out, a bit chilly at times.


Trip Times
Saturday 03/10/2015
1043 Left Otaki Forks car park
1101 On the track
1228 Across the swing bridge
1255 Lunch stop in the river
1310 On up the river
1528 At snowy hut
Sunday 04/10/2015
Left the hut

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