Rimutaka Forest Park Hut Bagging

This is a great place to get eight huts in an afternoon; if your into hut bagging. This trip starts at the Catchpool car park and finishes there. On my way in passed Bill and Jane; its quite good to bump into people you know in the out of the way places.
View from Orongoronga
Once into the Orongoronga River head down stream to Boar Inn.
Boar Inn
Then on down to the last downstream one being Paua Hut, after this its off up river.
Paua Hut
On up to three huts in a quick row, Raukawa Lodge, Waerenga Hut, Oaks Hut (no longer exists), Jans Hut.
Ruakawa Lodge
Waerenga Hut
Oaks Hut - nothing to bag!
Jans Hut
After Jans drop the quick way back into the Orongoronga and head upstream to Papatahi Hut, bypassing Turere Lodge and Haurangi Hut for the homeward journey. For this part I stay in the riverbed as its nice to stop for a few cups of tea on the cruise up river.
Papatahi Hut
Once bagged Papatahi down river and join the track on the true left and second to last hut to bag is Haurangi Hut.
Haurangi Hut
Then down to Turere Lodge and on back to Catchpool.
Turere Lodge
And because the gate shut at eight p.m. and I knew I'd be late, I had my tent in the car and camped the night at the camp ground. In in all a good early evening hut bagging trip.

Trip Times
Saturday 20/02/2016
1648 Left car at Catchpool carpark
1738 Into the River
1750 Boar Inn
1756 Paua Hut
1807 Raukawa Lodge
1809 Waerenga Hut
1821 Oaks Hut
1826 Jans Hut
1919 Papatahi Hut
1954 Haurangi Hut
2014 Turere Lodge
2026 Oronogoronga Track
2119 Catchpool Carpark 

Map Stuff
BQ32 Lower Hutt
Eight Huts in One day/afternoon

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