Dorset Ridge Hut

This trip a visit to Dorset Ridge Hut, Paul's first time. We had intended to have a wider loop and heading to Park Forks and up to Carkeek, but the power was lacking.

Friday 05/02/2016
Left Wellington and drove to Kiriwhakapapa Road End and walked into Blue Range hut for the night. Had heard that it had been worked on, only change we noticed was the stove replaced.
Latest fire in Blue Range hut
Saturday 06/02/2016
A nice walk down to Cow Creek for snacks and tea then off up Table Ridge way and into clag where we choose our direction with compass, and on to Dorset Ridge hut.

Leaving Blue Range hut
View from Blue Range looking West
Way down to Waingawa
Waingawa River
Turn off to Table Ridge
Table Ridge
Table Ridge
Tramper on sky line
Table Ridge Tarn
Dorset Ridge

Dorset Ridge Tarn
Sign down to Dorset Ridge Hut
Hut in the distance
Dorset Ridge Hut
Sunday 07/02/2016
We left the hut and headed back up onto Dorset Ridge going East to Girdlestone and then NW to Tarn Ridge hut. After stopping for a cuppa at Tarn Ridge hut and then taking a track/route we had never done before down into Arete Stream from a few meters North of point 1313, then East down the ridge into Waingawa River with just a hundred meters of scrub at the bottom.
Tarn Ridge into Waingawa River
Back out on Dorset Ridge
Dorset Ridge Tarn
Tarn Ridge Hut
Cross in need of repair
Arete Forks in far distance
Ridge down into Waingawa
Beginning to see the bush bash
Me having smoko out of the wind, in the sun
A trip in the future Paul lost his camera and the picture of me was used to track down the owner. Thanks to all involved.
Almost into the bush bash
Didnt find a game trail so bash it was
Came out onto a terrace
Waingawa river valley
Waingawa river valley
Waingawa river valley
Not far now
Arete Forks Hut
The Arete Forks hut looks much safer now as the river seems to have taken a turn away from the bank it was cutting into.

Monday 08/02/2016
A nice morning here in the Tararua's, as we make ready to leave the Arete Forks hut.
Looking up the Waingawa river valley
Arete Forks Hut
Arete Forks Hut
Walk out down the gorge, lowest I have ever seen it with only one swim. Took approx 250 pictures on the way down the gorge, to make up for last time when the water was so deep that I left my camera inside my pack.
Stopped at Cow Creek hut for lunch and then off up the hill and out to the car and back to Wellington.
Cow Creek Hut
Map of Trip

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Trip Times
Friday 05/02/2016
2046 Left car at Kiriwhakapapa Road end
2223 Junction
2235 Blue Range Hut
Saturday 06/02/2016
0848 Left Blue Range Hut
0902 At junction
0959 Waingawa drop off
1035 River
1048 Cow Creek Hut
1143 Left Cow Creek Hut
1210 Table Ridge Junction
1340 Out of bush
1547 Tarn on Table Ridge
1645 Top of Girdlestone
1724 Dorset Ridge Tarn
1809 Sign post down to Dorset Ridge
1835 Dorset Ridge Hut
Sunday 07/02/2016
0742 Left Dorset Ridge Hut
0810 At Dorset Ridge sign
0918 Dorset Ridge Tarn
0951 At Tarn Ridge Hut
1037 Left Tarn Ridge Hut
1043 Cross
1155 Off down the ridge
1354 Into the river,  we stopped for a cup of tea along the way.
1715 Arete Forks Hut
Monday 08/02/2016
0928 Left Arete Forks Hut
1409 Cow Creek Hut
1440 Left Cow Creek Hut
1554 Waiangawa sign on ridge
1711 Blue Range Hut Junction
1814 Car park

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