Mid Waiohine from Holdsworth

Read that Mid Waiohine is a six to nine hour trip from Holdsworth and decided that I would have time Saturday afternoon to be there before dark. And if not it would be fun going down thru the forest in the dark.

Saturday 30/01/2016
Got to the road and and had a discussion with the resident DOC nannie state toe rag. The guy needs to get a life and lift himself above his "follow the rules" mentality. Where does DOC get these people from? Tiny brained mutants who want to tell other people how to run there lives.

Headed off just before four and the weather was perfect for a fast cruise, not hot, and with a nice cloud layer. Wood step cruise way, I don't do the Holdsworth walk much and I found the pathway well manicured.
Step way to Powell
Got to Powell hut under two hours, popped in to put an entry in the hut book. A near full hut, this great to see a well used hut with people out walking and enjoying themselves. Carried on up into the wet cloud layer, warm though. No views from Holdsworth.
Holdsworth Trig
Just a brief pause here for a few photos and uploaded an image onto bookface, another version of breadcrumbs. A nice down and up to Isabelle, then a steep power down to Mid Waiohine hut. Got there with a time of three hours and fifty three minutes; no running.
Mid Waiohine Hut
Two people already there, not come the same way as me. Interesting to talk too. Wandered out for a swim and disturbed a few eels before bed.

Sunday 31/01/2016
Some morning discussion with the astute Scandinavians in the hut; its great to hear that on the other side of the ocean people are concerned about the environmental policies of the current National Government pushed by Mr key (lowercase K on purpose). Excessive dairy farming, increased water pollution, dam construction, increased overseas ownership, mining in National parks, roads and or train things thru the middle of them. What a pack of short sighted money grubbing evil people they are.

Walked down to the river for a look and filled my water bottle before heading off.
Down River
Up River
Collected the hut rubbish  and headed off up the track to Isabelle, it is a steep track with some slow down spots. Not a hot walk as the cloud was still low and protecting from the sun. Nice trees and a bit of sun beams on the way.
Forest on way to Isabelle
Sun beams in the trees
Out of the bush and with the cloud falling away views appeared, by the time I was on Isabelle the West was showing.
Looking back down Isabelle
Looking SE
On up to Holdsworth and a fine photo of the trig showing blue sky.
Holdsworth Trig
What sort of idiot lights a fire here?
Fire place on the ridge
This is where idiots have been
And back to to the car and a drive in the heat back to Wellington.

Trip Times
Saturday 30/01/2016
1550 Left Holdsworth car park
1628 Rocky Lookout
1647 Totara Flats turnoff
1700 Mountain House
1740 Powell Hut
1816 Holdsworth trig
1845 Isabelle
1859 Bush entrance
1943 Mid Waiohine hut
Sunday 31/01/2016
0927 Left Mid Waiohine Hut
1107 Out of the bush
1127 Top of Isabelle - stopped for a lunch
1157 On again
1230 Top of Holdsworth
1249 Powell Hut
1319 Mountain House
1332 Junction to Totara Flats
1348 Rocky Lookout
1409 Car at Holdsworth road end

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