Waiorongomai Hut

An afternoon day walk with Paul. We left Wellington at 1230 and drove over the Rimutaka hill stopping at Featherston for a coffee, then drove down the Western Lake Road to the Waiorongomai Station car park.
Entrance to Waiorongomai car park
We crossed a stile and headed down river on a track for a few hundred meters then it was into a small creek heading upriver.
Paul heading up the creek
A few crossings of ankle deep water then longer wanders in the forest.
Track thru forest
Fresh fungi in the forest.
Fresh fungi
Forest is nice travel even on the edges of the creek.
View of the forest
Got to the hut at four pm, so one and a half hours from the car park. Comfy four bunk hut.
Waiorongomai Hut
Interior Waiorongomai Hut
Waiorongomai Hut
Intend to come back and head up to Waiorongomai Saddle and and drop into the creek and head South West into the Orongorongo and return over Papatahi Crossing.

NZTopo BQ32 part
Trip Times
Saturday 02/04/2016
1436 Left the car park heading to the hut
1600 At Waiorongomai Hut
1611 Left the hut
1718 Back at the car

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Kevin Cartwright said...

This is a great post; nice photos. Was considering checking out this place myself.
Happy tramping!