Egmont National Park Hut Bagging

There are a few scattered huts left from other trips in Egmont National Park, this weekend I aimed to see if I could visit them all. Left late as had family things to do, and the road was not busy at all. Took State Highway 1 to Bulls and then onto State Highway 3, all the way to Inglewood, then up Egmont Road to the North Egmont visitors car park.

Huts Bagged
  • Maketawa Hut
  • Little Maketawa Hut
  • Manganui Lodge
  • Manganui Public Shelter  (not yet on Hutbagger site)
Saturday 19/11/2016
Left Wellington at about 1630 and headed for Inglewood, then up to North Egmont visitors Center to park up.
Approaching Mt Taranaki
Left the car a few minutes before ten p.m. and wanted to get to Maketawa hut before midnight, got there with an hour to spare. People where in the two sleeping rooms sleeping. In the main room a mattress had been left, so that is where I slept. Had a cup of tea and a dram before bed.

Sunday 20/11/2016
Out of bed early and a fine breakfast with some views from the Maketawa Hut veranda.
View East from Maketawa Hut
Packed up and off down the Maketawa Track and back up to the car at the visitors center, then drove down Egmont Road to Ngatoro car park to head into Little Maketawa Hut. The Ngatoro track is well marked and a few minutes after leaving the car park crosses the Waiongana Stream.
Waiongana Stream
Continuing South East for another 500 meters and when the track heads South West, continued South East. There is a sign for a track called "No Access".
No Access Track
Followed this track South East for 2.5 kilometers to a junction after crossing Little Maketawa Stream, took the track North East heading down river to the Little Maketawa Hut. A very nice spot with a rustic hut that is well maintained.
Little Maketawa Hut
There seems to be some issues with reality and DOC? Have been noticing that the DOC physics do not conform to the real world, like there hours are less than 60 minutes, more like 30 minutes.
Outdated nonsense
Had my lunch here and then it was back the same way to my car and another drive to bag another hut. So back down Egmont Road to Inglewood and South along State Highway 3 to Stratford with some views along the way.
View driving from Stratford
Up Pembroke Road to East Egmont car park and the start in a easy travel road to the flying fox, then its thru the tunnel.
Manganui Gorge Track tunnel
On along the track down into the gorge and up the other side and out to the two large buildings.
Manganui Public Shelter
Manganui Lodge
The Manganui Public Shelter would be a good place to crash on a Friday night as there is water, lights, and toilets. Back at the car before I drove off had no clouds covering Taranaki for a few minutes.
Mt Taranaki from South Egmont car patk
Map of the Trip
blue = wander lines
Trip Times
Saturday 19/11/2016
2158 Left car at North Egmont Visitor Center, headed up North Egmont Summit Track
2238 Summit track Maketawa track junction
2253 At Maketawa Hut
Sunday 20/11/2016
0713  Left Maketawa hut
0803 At the car park
0818 Heading to Little Maketawa Hut from the Ngatoro car park
1110 At the hut - what a walk!
1158 Left Little Maketawa Hut
1408 At Ngatoro car park, drove off to South Egmont car park
1526 Left car at South Egmont car park and headed for Manganui Lodge
1550 At Manganui Lodge
1620 Back to car, now a long drive home

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